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How to Join A Zoom Meeting


>Beginning and End: At the beginning and end of the recording, please allow 3-5 seconds “still” pose (looking forward, smiling). Please do this before you begin speaking and after you finish speaking.

> Attire: Pulpit (clergy/civic) attire. Please contact for more info.

>Movement: Try to refrain from a lot of moving: swaying, clapping pounding, etc. 

>Camera Position: If using a personal device (tablet or phone) to record, please use landscape (horizontal) positioning.
– The camera should be straight-forward, not at an angle, and not set too low (height that is set at the torso and higher as if viewing the person looking over the pulpit)
– Please refrain from having someone hold the device (it often results in unavoidable movement)

– Try to use a room/area with good, even lighting
– Please position lights behind the camera, shining on you (versus behind you)
– Try to avoid shadows as much as possible.

IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, please record in your pulpit. If that is not possible at this time, we kindly ask that you follow the below guidelines in your home:
– Plain background. Avoid anything that could be a visual distraction to the viewer.
– Neutral color (white, beige, cream) background